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Convex Optical Lense

Convex Optical Lense

We are reckoned among the topnotch Refraction-Convex Lense Manufacturers in the industry. Our company specializes in providing Convex Lense that provides positive focal lengths and both real and virtual images. We have expertise in designing precise Optical Convex Lense with tighter tolerances, high durability, and accuracy. Our Bi-Convex Lenses are undergone through strict quality check before reaching clients.

Technical Details :-

Product Code : LNBP003

Diameter: 3.00-5.00 5.01-40.00 40.01-50.00
Scratch/Dig: 60/40 60/40 80/50
Center thickness Tolerance: +-0.1 +-0.1 +-0.1
Edge thickness Tolerance: Reference Reference Reference
Diameter Tolerance: +0.0/-0.5 +0.0/-0.10 +0.0/-0.10
Centering Tolerance: 3-5 arc min 3-5 arc min 3-5 arc min
Bevel: 0.1 X 45o 0.1 X 45o 0.1 X 45o