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Optical Lenses

In the industry, we are counted among the chief Optical Lenses Manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters. We are offering a wide range of lenses such as Double Concave Optical Lenses, Achromatic Optical Lenses and convex lenses. These lenses are also used in conjunction with a camera body. Apart from being used in camera, the lenses can also be combined to microscope and telescope. We offer high clarity lenses with smooth finish. Concave and convex lenses suitable for varied industry types provide the feature of image reduction and spreading light.

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Achromatic Optical Lense
Our Achromatic Lenses are used in varied industries, including Medical Laser Systems, Photonic Telecom Devices, Analytical Instruments, CCTV monitors, Laser Machining, Machine Vision Systems, etc. Our Achromatic Doublet Lense is precisely designed to perfection to assure high performance with low maintenance. We specialize in providing

Concave Optical Lense
Today, we are reckoned among the foremost Plano Concave Lenses Suppliers in the industry. Our Concave Lense is used to expand light or increase focal lengths in existing systems. Our Concave Lense is used in laser beam expanders, optical character readers, viewers and projection systems. We provide precise concave lenses with strong

Convex Optical Lense
We are reckoned among the topnotch Refraction-Convex Lense Manufacturers in the industry. Our company specializes in providing Convex Lense that provides positive focal lengths and both real and virtual images. We have expertise in designing precise Optical Convex Lense with tighter tolerances, high durability, and accuracy. Our Bi-Convex